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We have no doubt that our expertise in dealing with private individuals is almost unparalleled in Australia and
we are one of the leading firms in this area, possibly globally.
How do we make local and global estate planning and asset structuring easy to explain and understand?
Our years of experience coupled with our ability to implement the structures and plans that make us unique

It is.. just not as simple...!!

20 point checklist - see below

Traps for unwary??
Solutions for the wise!

Legal Services

Our integrated holistic approach

- builds on experience

& complex specialities -

locally and globally.

You work very hard to build your assets. Dealing with succession
and protection - well whom can I see for legal help?

20 different and complex area’s?

Test us.. this is just the beginning of the story.

How many do you know?.. or
your current lawyer ever properly consider?
Game over!

Legal Services

20 key integrative & holistic aspects ..consider this?

Game over!

  • Simple Wills
  • Trusts- all- testamentary or inter vivos
  • Divorce – de facto & financial separation
  • Pre nups- post nups- any nup-local or global
  • Taxation- individual, structures- low tax centres
  • Elder law- powers of attorney
  • Business succession structures
  • Complex assets
  • High value asset structures
  • Global risk & asset protection
  • Foundations and charitable trusts
  • Investments & funds
  • Key and tailored insurance risk
  • Litigation- risk & protection
  • Directors and shadow officers
  • Regulatory risk & targeting
  • Family offices for the UHNW
  • Tax planning – global and local
  • Insolvency & personal risk
  • High risk and sensitive business or profession!
Legal Services

Everyone wants a piece!

You battle to create and build!

We work to help protect and grow

Estate planning and asset structuring

Insurance and future protection.

One day – it will be your legacy &
the heritage for the next generation

Legal Services

It must be the combination of our premium touch for simple matters with the in-depth knowledge that we have amassed after 30 years of dealing with complex issues locally and globally that sets us apart. Our senior lawyers are expert at Australian tax planning and tax litigation issues as well as international tax planning and tax litigation issues. However, we are also able to look at planning in a broader more holistic concept.

The tax man after all is just one of the issues – creditors, mistresses and extramarital affairs – divorce – elder abuse – business succession – rogue children political and country risk – bank risk and rogue decisions or simply the loss of your assets through an adequate protection when you are engaging in high risk high return activities.

Speak to one of our most senior lawyers privately and confidentially, about your needs for a no obligation discussion and/or simple chat.

Legal Services

We work for your legacy…

You must leave it behind for others..

It is how you leave it - that is absolutely paramount.
Game over!