You may find yourself on the receiving end of a Traffic fine, Traffic Infringement or Court Attendance Notice in respect of a Traffic Offence.
The first step, of course, is to know where you stand and what options are available to you. Regardless of the situation, getting a clear view of your surroundings and putting your legal problem into context will allow you to make more informed decisions.We charge a Fixed Fee of $660.00 for a Preliminary Legal Opinion in relation to a Standard Traffic Offence matter.This service is focused on providing our clients with a broad perspective on their options at an affordable price. Usually, a preliminary legal opinion will involve:

  • An initial conference with you at which point we will take detailed instructions from you regarding your matter and you send us all details via email.
  • An assessment of the relevant legal documents, fines, infringement notices, Court Attendance Notices, correspondence, your driving record and driving history, notices, Court documents (if applicable), Court Orders (if applicable), file notes or any other documents
  • A preliminary investigation and preliminary research into the legal context of the matter, including considering appropriate legislation and case law where necessary
  • The preparation of a letter of advice by email which will set out our preliminary legal opinion, stipulate our findings and make clear some of the possible options, defences or remedies that may be available to you

To take advantage of our fixed fee offer for Traffic Offences, please contact our office and arrange an appointment with one of our experienced Traffic Lawyers.For these fixed fees we will receive and send all documents and undertake conferences by digital platforms.