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Tax & asset planning is legal!

Maximise your returns!

Enhance your structures!

Locally & globally

Some of our Senior Lawyers have been advising on structuring to maximise returns and lower risk since 1988. We have seen it all- including Anstalts or Stiftungs!

Some of our senior lawyers have not wavered from this expertise – this is not what they aspire to be – this is who they are.

It can be as simple as – shall I use a company or trust to buy this asset – how do I lower my taxation in my group?

We have always found it amusing that people go to accountants for taxation advice? What is the alternative?

Some of our senior lawyers have written the textbooks on domestic and international taxation law. The stuff that the accountants read and implement. Good taxation lawyers charge easily in excess of $1200 per hour and are simply not available for anyone but the very wealthy or larger corporate's.

It's Game over now! You can contact our senior lawyers for a confidential no obligation discussion.

The Australian taxation laws are the most complex laws in Australia and comprise such volumes and masses of regulations and rulings that they rank up there with some the most complex in the world! An accountant cannot interpret but he can implement. We will work with your accountants and financial planners! We have been advising accountants and financial planners for over 30 years on strategies and solutions!

However, this using the right structures for your affairs is absolutely critical. It is not just about lowering your overall tax liabilities, but one has to think about divorce, asset protection, creditors and regulatory political risk to name a few areas of concern.

We won't charge you for an initial discussion. We have been blessed to be very good at this and we love to talk about how we may help you.

When establishing, acquiring or restructuring a business or venture, it’s fundamental that the legal business structuring is tailored to suit your circumstances.

You need to consider the full range of relevant issues NOT just simple (to us) issues such as tax, regulations and risk.

We work with you to tailor a plan that considers contingencies and builds them into the framework.

Our business structuring lawyers are able to assess your situation and provide sound commercial advice to assist you in this area.

Let us deal with:

  • Asset protection
  • Charitable Trusts & Foundations
  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Secret Trusts (Blind Trusts)
  • Family Trusts
  • Unit Trusts
  • Fixed Trusts
  • Incorporation of Companies & Voluntary Associations
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • PTC's (do you know what they are?)
  • Foundations
  • "Fiduciary" Arrangements
  • Partnership Agreements- Incorporated & Common Law
  • Shareholders & Unit Holders Agreements
  • Issue & Redemption of Units or Sale of Units
  • Succession
  • Banks & Signatories
  • Taxation Planning
  • Taxation Disputes
  • Tax Litigation
  • Double Tax Treaties
  • Second or Third Passports
  • Establishment of Business Structures
  • Minimising Business Risk
  • Litigation
  • Money Laundering & AML Risks



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