The importance of a properly drafted Will cannot be overstated. Without one, your assets are likely to be dealt with in a manner which is not in accordance with your testamentary wishes.Our lawyers charge a cost effective and competitive fee of $550 for two (2) Simple Wills, for a couple. This will include or address the following matters in relation to your Australian property only

  • Appoint an Australian Executor or Australian Executors
  • Nominate a beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries
  • Deal with Australian (and not overseas) property
  • Make numerous bequests, including specific gifts of property and cash gifts including gifts to charities;
  • Divide assets in equal or unequal shares
  • Decide whether your Will is to survive a future or subsequent marriage
  • Appoint Guardians for your children under the age of eighteen (18) years old;
  • Provide directions as to your funeral or burial wishes;
  • Provide instructions on organ donation or the use of a body for research
  • Create minors trusts - which protects a minor's inheritance until they turn 18 or a later nominated age.

Any other matters that we can efficiently advise on and assist with, within the fixed fee, as determined by us in our sole discretion If so required, we also offer free safe custody storage of Wills. Note that we may decide in our sole and absolute discretion that your testamentary wishes cannot be addressed in a Simple Will. In such circumstances, we will advise you of the applicable fee, up-front, in writing, before we commence work