Smart Contracts and NFT’s

Commercialising IP & Smart Contracts

Traditional Expertise Empowers New Frontiers

Over 22 years ago, we commercialised IP, including movies such as The Matrix.

Expanding copyright and distribution, we applied these principles to biotech and patents for medical commercialisation with some of the world’s leading pharmaceuticals and research houses.

Creating The Field Of Dreams

We cut our teeth on bringing together investors in structured finance and funds to creating the field of dreams.

Finally, we can use our skills in the new world and drive innovation for the law into the new frontiers in NFT’s and smart contracts.

The New Frontier - A Universe of Dreams

Finally, we can eliminate some outdated processes and blockages concerning performance and digital ownership.

Emerging Law & It Is Here Now

Our extensive and holistic commercial experience, cross-border, international taxation, international enforcement, banking and funds driven by . A jurisprudential understanding of common law principles provides us with all the ingredients to help shape the new frontiers.

We are part of the cyber community in our thinking and welcome any discussion of these ideas, including collaborations on a regulatory, government funding levels.

Meet Our ``New Frontier`` Lawyers

Jaswinder (Jas) Sekhon

Jaswinder (Jas) Sekhon

Managing Director

Jaswinder strives to simplify and demystify complex legal
matters, to explain them logically and without “jargon”.
He resolves and commits to the best possible commercial
outcomes for his clients.

Our Old World Experience - HPV Vaccine

Cutting-edge industry expertise Effective advice on intellectual property and technology matters can only be given by experts with a deep understanding of the relevant technical and business issues.

We have amazing commercial experience in global commercialization of IP, technology and biotech.

We advise on the traditional areas such as patent, trademark and copyright registration; as well as the protection and exploitation, IP enforcement, confidential information and trade secrets, internet, e-commerce, e-gaming, broadcasting, technology transfers, outsourcing, R&D, data protection, distribution and agency agreements. We also advise technology companies on the development and licensing of software and services and in specialist areas such as digital money.

Biotech & Media

The commercialisation of intellectual property in the biotech and media space is a particular speciality.

No idea is too small or not ready for commercialisation and we are able to assist with end to end structures including financing or trade sale exits right up to IPO.

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