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Complex Recovery or Abduction Matters

We are experts at seeking urgent orders when the child has been abducted or the child is in danger.

Refusing To Return Children

If your child (or children) normally lives with you and their other parent (or another person) has your child and is refusing to return them to you; or you have parenting orders, and the other party is preventing your child from living with your or spending time with you in accordance with those orders, you may be able to apply for a recovery order.

Not Knowing Where The Child Is?

If you do not know where your child is, you can also apply for orders to help you to find them (called a Commonwealth information order) when you apply for recovery orders.

There are different processes for applying for a recovery order, depending on whether or not you have a current parenting order or a parenting case pending in the Court.

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What Happens Next?

If practicable, the Court will list the application for a first hearing within 14 days of the application being filed.

How Is A Recovery Order Implemented?

If the Court makes an order authorising or directing another person or persons to find, recover, and deliver, a child, you must give a copy of the order to that person or persons. In most instances, this will be the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

What If The Child Still Isn’t Found?

In some situations, you may ask the Court to issue a location order, Commonwealth information order, and/or publication order.

Child Kidnapped Overseas

If your child has been taken from their home country without your permission, and without the authorisation of a court, you may be able to get assistance under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. See Relocation and travel for more information.

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Family law is complex, and getting legal advice will help you to better understand your rights and responsibilities In difficult emotional situations involving children and recovery orders, it is best to have a no obligation confidential discussion with one of our senior lawyers immediately.

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