Property & Dishonesty Offences

Property Offences & Crimes Of Dishonesty

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Offences against property, such as theft fraud, false pretences and break and enter are sometimes referred to as crimes of dishonesty.

These are grouped together variations that involve some form of deception that unlawfully deprive the rightful owner of the property.

We are experts at handling the defence of sentencing in such crimes, which range from minor theft involving shoplifting to serious fraud involving money laundering or complex financial deception.

The Right To Defend Property

The right to possess and defend property is a basic principle enshrined in the New South Wales criminal justice system. Property offences relating to property, for example, stealing, damaging property and threatening to damage another person’s property are taken very seriously and contained in part for a deed of the crimes act 1900. These are serious offences in many property offences attract a maximum penalty of imprisonment.

Common Property Offences

Larceny: also known as theft or stealing and is punishable by a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment.

Larceny by Clerk: is the offence of a theft from an employer more serious than general larceny because of the breach of trust and carries a maximum penalty of 10 years.

Shoplifting: in New South Wales. This is also charged as larceny

Malicious damage of property: when a person intentionally or recklessly destroys property belonging to another and this offence can attract a sentence of up to 5 or six years if & Co.

Threats to destroy or damage property: even if the threat is not carried out, provided the threat was made with the intention of causing the victim to fear that It would be carried out.

Damaging or desecrating protected places: vandalism or damage
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Based on the latest data* , the range of sentences given vary from 5.8% of offenders sent to prison and 33.8% of offenders fined.

Eliminate Unfair Sentencing

You need our expert defence to ensure that you are not subject to any unfair sentencing. This is the key advantage of our criminal lawyers and can make the difference between a harsher sentence or a more lenient approach. This is our key point of difference. Naturally, if you plead not guilty then this is not a consideration and we defend you and stand by you all the way.

NSW Property Offences Criminal Stats

Property damage and environmental pollution 2016-2021*

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NSW Property Offences Criminal Stats

Property damage and environmental pollution Property damage 2016 – 2021*

Robbery & Related Offences

  1. Robbery

  2. Robbery or stealing from a person

  3. Aggravated robbery

  4. Aggravated robbery with wounding

  5. Armed robbery, or robbery in company

  6. Armed robbery or robbery in company resulting in wounding


Any crime of dishonesty can have an impact on your life that far outweighs the actual legal penalties of being found guilty. If you are charged, you can be confident that Goldman lawyers will give you the best possible defence if you wish to plead not guilty.

If you are willing to plead not guilty, there are discounts available for an early guilty plea and we are experts in providing sentencing submissions that highlight the positive aspects of your character and your case.


Fraud is a crime of dishonesty. A guilty conviction will damage your reputation and make it tough to hold a good job and progress your career. Most fraud charges fall under the category of general fraud, pursuant to section 192E of the Crimes Act 1900.

It is a complex area of law and a committed defence team can help you protect your reputation and your future.

Goldman lawyers criminal division are experts in fraud law and can assist you to get the best outcome if you have been charged with an offence

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