Litigation & Disputes

Experience Drives Our Litigation Strategy

Our Passion Makes The Difference

Our lawyers will only go to court as a last resort and there is an increasing use of mediators and arbitration.

We have worked against many opposing law firms and lawyers in disputes who in our view , failed to envision or work towards proper dispute outcomes.

We do not share this approach of being oblivious to resolving the dispute fairly and commercially. However we will fight relentlessly for our clients when the need arises and stay wholly objective about negotiating the right outcome at the right an opportune time. It is important to stay objective and focused on the end result, which is in our view proper dispute resolution

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation is expensive and can be emotionally draining. In every step must be considered and well thought out. There must be an endgame. Our use of counsel, our involvement of senior lawyers to discuss strategy not just with the responsible lawyer and our relentless commitment to speed and hard work make us an exciting litigation and dispute resolution firm.

Our Dispute Resolution Senior Lawyers

Jaswinder (Jas) Sekhon

Jaswinder (Jas) Sekhon

Managing Director

Jaswinder strives to simplify and demystify complex legal
matters, to explain them logically and without “jargon”.
He resolves and commits to the best possible commercial
outcomes for his clients.

Outstanding Results

Our Strategic Difference

Key Tips For Potential Clients

  1. Dispute resolution with a commercial focus; ensuring outcomes that are timely and realistic
  2. Deep understanding and awareness of complex matters; with over 30 years’ experience in Australian international business, corporate, commercial and trust issues. We understand the structures and the issues; are thoroughly aware of the pitfalls, the monetary and mental costs.
  3. Strategy devised from experience, commitment, and passion; going to court is an onerous undertaking that may span in some cases several years of a close association with your legal team. The evolution of an ongoing strategy and communication is a critical aspect of winning.
  4. We do not take on all matters; we keep our focus on the matters we have and do not overcommit ourselves; ensuring that the litigation and dispute resolution matters we undertake achieve our utmost attention at all times.
  5. Aggression and immediacy when required, coupled with respect for our opponents; to always seek a timely resolution for a fair outcome for our clients.

When To Negotiate, Mediate & Arbitrate

We seek real commercial outcomes because we have also been clients like you and better understand what it’s like to be in your shoes in the litigation.

Our lawyers will only go to court as a last resort and there is an increasing use of mediators and arbitration.

We are expert and seasoned negotiators. If we are able to negotiate a fair outcome we will do so. Everybody deserves to be heard and there is always another side to the story and negotiation involves understanding the other point of view to bring the parties to a timely resolution.

We have worked with many law firms who’ve opposed us who in our view, fail to negotiate a proper outcome and will blindly continue litigation or pursue ill founded causes of action. We do not share this approach however will fight relentlessly for our clients when the need arises and stay wholly objective about negotiating the right outcome for our clients.

    Lawyer Direct Query. Response

    Rapid Global Logistics
    Rapid Global Logistics
    Goldman’s dispute resolution/ litigation group has furnished legal advice and steerage throughout a hard and vicious court scenario. I discovered them to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable, and honest. Jas is amazing on the overview and strategy. Ms Jen Cheal as the practice manager excels in knowledge, details and delivery; harnessing and enhancing the lawyers. Kim as client liaison is great to call when I need to speak with the legal eagles on weekends or nights when no one would answer my call! Thanks for the corny jokes Kim! (seriously). The senior team kept me informed and drove the litigation better than I expected and honestly, its no comparison to other firms I have used. I have used some very large and good firms (at 30% more cost +) but it always comes down to the people and their willingness. Not cheap here – but always reasonable and willing to review invoices and fees. Worth double with the drive and energy to win! Litigation is never a good thing and the last thing you need are jaded lawyers. Recommended and 5 star ! Thanks guys!
    Josh Henry
    Josh Henry
    I was uncertain and afraid of what would happen at court. Mat Nott put my fears at ease leading up the my court date and then on the day it unfolded exactly as he said it would. We got the best possible outcome. Thank you Mat for your help and expertise.
    Frances Thiedeke
    Frances Thiedeke
    Well considered advice presented in a way that was easy to understand and answered all questions. Thank you
    Gina Modesto
    Gina Modesto
    Harjin, the business development staff was very friendly and most of the time you can contact by phone straightaway and this made it more professional experience.
    Henry Cuba
    Henry Cuba
    Thank you Matthew for helping me through this tough time. you went above and beyond when working on my case.. Matthew is absolutely fantastic and doing a great job. I highly recommend him.

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