Global Family Law

Outstanding Expertise in International Family Law

Abduction of Children To Global Asset Tracing

We have won cases in international Family issues; from bigamy to matters concerning kidnapping.

From our offices in Auckland and the UAE we regularly handle Trans-Tasman issues as well as complications involving Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian countries.

Our Financial and Interpol Expertise

We work internationally in commercial and finance matters and bring this experience to global family law. Contact Our Principal Directly

This expertise allows us to handle any issues in international children and kidnapping, Interpol and financial issues across borders including proceedings brought in multiple jurisdictions. Please contact our principal directly for a no obligation discussion on what your options and costs will be.

International Separation - Get Advice First!

Even if it appears simple, clients should seek legal advice so as not to compromise their rights in parenting or financial matters in any issues involving global parenting, assets or marriage.

Our Senior Family Lawyers

Jaswinder (Jas) Sekhon

Jaswinder (Jas) Sekhon

Managing Director

Jaswinder strives to simplify and demystify complex legal
matters, to explain them logically and without “jargon”.
He resolves and commits to the best possible commercial
outcomes for his clients.

Cross Border Children & Assets

Our International Expertise

Our expertise extends to offshore asset tracing and recovery services as well as issues with children being taken overseas and the extension of our local Australian laws and conventions to custody and access disputes.

For example, with our office in Dubai, we have dealt with many mid-eastern issues concerning children and custody rights according to Sharia Law and in cases of mixed religion marriages.

Some of the other cases in which we have acted include:

    1. BFA's and prenups involving assets in multiple countries and multiple residences

    2. Providing advice to determine which is the most appropriate and beneficial country in which to conduct the case where there are assets in more than one country;

    3. Property settlements involving assets and income in various countries, including a range of pension schemes and employment incentive schemes;

    4. Hague convention applications for the return of children to Australia;

    5. Child support issues including enforcing payment from overseas parents and child support agreements;

    6. Parenting arrangements where parents live in different countries, often with significantly different cultural issues;

    7. Complications involving arranged marriages under Hindu or Sikh matrimonial laws; or

    8. Arrangements where court actions are brought in two countries.

Cross Border Marriages & Custody

Where your case involves an international aspect, there are often complicating factors which require specialist family lawyers with experience of international matters. We have that experience, together with close links and sometimes joint ownership of law firms throughout the world.

Our global expertise and presence allows us to understand and deal with issues relating to the laws that exist in many countries outside Australia and the different basis on which marriages and child disputes are dealt with.

Our First Free Consultation Is Flexible

We see people in very varying stages, from those who have not yet separated but are considering their options, to those who may have been divorced for a long time.

In keeping with our philosophy of giving you options and not taking a “one size fits all” approach, you have choices for your first consultation including a free “meet and greet”, a short appointment or a longer appointment.

We will guide you as to which of our lawyers is likely to be the best option for you and your case. You will also have the option of seeing us at our office, or if you are further afield or international, an online conference call can easily be arranged.

Traps & Tips To Be Aware Of

There are important tips and traps to be aware of if you plan to separate and you have international issues such as you were married overseas, there are children or assets of any of the other partner overseas.

Being fully informed of the legal framework will ensure that your separation proceeds smoothly. It will also ensure that you do not inadvertently impact on your family law property settlement, spousal maintenance claim or parenting matter.

it is strongly recommended that you obtain legal advice from us so that you do not do something that will prejudice your position.

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