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Family Law matters, Court proceedings, dispute resolution and mediation. Our senior lawyers have over 30 years of experience and are also nationally accredited mediators.

Strategy By Senior Lawyers

The difference between lawyers and law firms is their approach to your matter and having the experience to know which strategies to adopt.

This is a critical point of difference. At least two senior lawyers will be involved in discussing the strategy of your family law matter and ensuring that it stays on track. This is in addition to the responsible lawyer for your matter. In most cases, our principal, who has over 30 years of experience will not charge any additional time for reviewing strategy.

This ensures that the responsible lawyers & clients derive benefits from this mutual experience and an objective review of their family law matter.

Our Family Law Senior Lawyers

Jaswinder (Jas) Sekhon

Jaswinder (Jas) Sekhon

Managing Director

Jaswinder strives to simplify and demystify complex legal
matters, to explain them logically and without “jargon”.
He resolves and commits to the best possible commercial
outcomes for his clients.

The Right Strategy Drives Outstanding Results

Key Tips For Potential Clients

7 Reasons Why We Are The Best

    1. Outstanding results and outcomes are driven by strategy, strategy and strategy.
    2. New-age lawyers with experienced old-fashioned brains. Designed as a new-age law firm from the ground up, but not a new kid on the block.
    3. Speed, flexibility, communication. We act quickly. However, we don't show our cards to the opponent unless we have to. We are flexible and communicative.
    4. No unnecessary fees and charges. A senior lawyer directly handles your matter. Whilst there is supervision, our team approach ensures consistency and reliability without increasing costs to the client.
    5. Extended hours. We are not wedded to the 9-to-5 office routine that was created in the 19th century. We work within the needs of our clients and their availability.
    6. Compassion and understanding. Our senior lawyers have been in family law problems and scenarios themselves. We know what you feel like as a client and what you are going through.
    7. Results, results, and results. Everything else can be fluff. We need to get you the result that matters.

How To Win Family In Law Matters?

There are some great lawyers and great law firms in Australia that you can engage. However, winning your family law matter requires strategy, planning and a cost effective evaluation of likely outcomes. In our view, not enough attention is provided to strategy and cost. As a potential client, you need to consider the financial and emotional cost with a team of senior experienced lawyers that inform your choices.

Client Must Also Ask These 3 Questions

  1. What is the difference between this law firm and another?

  2. How do I know my responsible lawyer will adopt the stated culture of the firm?

  3. How can I make sure my responsible lawyer stays focused and passionate about my legal matter but at the same time remains as an objective professional to advise me properly?

Our motto is making a difference with passion.! This defines our legal culture and approach to every client. We ensure that our senior legal team oversee and discuss every matter with the responsible lawyer. Not only at the start of the matter, but with every critical step or stage. This ensures that we remain focused on the best client outcomes at the least financial and emotional cost.

We welcome you to discuss our suggested approach and strategy and compare this with the approach of our competitors.

    Lawyer Direct Query. Response

    Rapid Global Logistics
    Rapid Global Logistics
    Goldman’s dispute resolution/ litigation group has furnished legal advice and steerage throughout a hard and vicious court scenario. I discovered them to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable, and honest. Jas is amazing on the overview and strategy. Ms Jen Cheal as the practice manager excels in knowledge, details and delivery; harnessing and enhancing the lawyers. Kim as client liaison is great to call when I need to speak with the legal eagles on weekends or nights when no one would answer my call! Thanks for the corny jokes Kim! (seriously). The senior team kept me informed and drove the litigation better than I expected and honestly, its no comparison to other firms I have used. I have used some very large and good firms (at 30% more cost +) but it always comes down to the people and their willingness. Not cheap here – but always reasonable and willing to review invoices and fees. Worth double with the drive and energy to win! Litigation is never a good thing and the last thing you need are jaded lawyers. Recommended and 5 star ! Thanks guys!
    Josh Henry
    Josh Henry
    I was uncertain and afraid of what would happen at court. Mat Nott put my fears at ease leading up the my court date and then on the day it unfolded exactly as he said it would. We got the best possible outcome. Thank you Mat for your help and expertise.
    Frances Thiedeke
    Frances Thiedeke
    Well considered advice presented in a way that was easy to understand and answered all questions. Thank you
    Gina Modesto
    Gina Modesto
    Harjin, the business development staff was very friendly and most of the time you can contact by phone straightaway and this made it more professional experience.
    Henry Cuba
    Henry Cuba
    Thank you Matthew for helping me through this tough time. you went above and beyond when working on my case.. Matthew is absolutely fantastic and doing a great job. I highly recommend him.

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