Essential Wills & Estate Planning

Have More Than A Basic Will? Explained In Simple Steps

Testamentary Trusts Made Easy & Affordable

Estate planning sounds complex and expensive, but it need not be, with over 30 years experience in this field, we make estate plans simple and affordable.

Testamentary or Will trusts are essential to be considered in any basic estate plan. We explain the benefits, uses and pricing. You should view your will as a transfer of assets which were appropriately is the transfer of wealth from one generation to another.

Essential Estate Plan Elements

It should include these aspects and documents.

  1. A Testamentary Trust (as part of your Will);

  2. A Superannuation Binding Death Benefit Nomination;

  3. Powers of Attorney (Guardianship, Medical and Financial); and

  4. An advance Healthcare Directive (what you would like done with your body)

Wealth Transfer Trends & Needs

These trends have increased significantly. This means that a simple will is simply not good enough. Even before you die, you may have an essential requirement for medical powers of attorney or financial powers given to someone else.

Your family may dispute the distribution and you may lose distribution from the family through de facto and failed marriages of your children.

Australia is also the second most litigated country in the world outside the USA?

Protection of your wealth across generations means that you must consider a testamentary trust in your well.

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Testamentary Trusts

Essential Fixed Fee Estate Plan

As part of the basic estate plan containing your for essential documents from $2500  plus GST.

Different types of trusts can be created by your will (also known as testamentary trusts) depending on the benefits you wish to achieve or the concerns you with to address depending upon the circumstances.

  • This type of trust provides maximum flexibility for tax purposes.

  • Provides varying degrees of protection of assets for your beneficiaries from third parties in the event of bankruptcy or family breakdown.

Testamentary Trust Real Life Uses

  1. Give your partner a life estate

  2. Give your children income distributions including your grandchildren for study

  3. Pass on the capital of your property to your grandchildren when they reach say 40 years of age?

  • Divorce protection,

  • Wasting asset protection,

  • Litigation protection,

  • Creditor protection

  • Gambling protection

  • Bankruptcy protection

  • Tax efficient

  • Far less cost that a family discretionary trust

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