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Illegal Substances

Police and the courts are tough on substances. The government invests huge resources and energy into charging and convicting people with substances-related offences.

If you are charged with a substances related offence you need a committed defence team on your side. The penalties are harsh and the impact on your life can be long lasting. Even minor substance possession can result in a criminal record making it tough to hold a job or progress your career.

Goldman lawyers will stand with you from the time of your arrest until your court appearance to make sure you get the best outcome.

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NSW Illicit Drug Offences Stats

Illicit drug offences 2016 – 2021*

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Drug Offences in NSW

The Federal Criminal Code Act covers offences of importing and exporting illegal drugs. Most other drug offences in NSW (New South Wales) are found in the state Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985.

Maximum penalties depend on the type and quantity of the drug, whether the charge is a summary offence or a more serious indictable offence, and whether the charge is dealt with in the Local or District Court. See our tables on sentencing ranges in New South Wales below.

The Power To Search & Detect

The NSW Law Enforcement (Powers & Responsibilities) Act 2002 gives police powers to search people, their belongings and their vehicles, and to use sniffer dogs to detect drug offences in NSW. Police can direct people in public places to move on if they believe they are supplying, soliciting supply, or buying drugs.

Importing & Exporting

Under federal law, it is an offence to import, or try to import, prohibited drugs. The prosecution must prove the intention to import and the knowledge that drugs were being carried.The prosecution must prove knowledge of the importing and performance of some act, such as providing money.

Administering an Illegal Drug

State-based drug offences in NSW include the administration or self-administration of an illegal drug.

Self-administration means using an illegal drug. Administering also applies to drugs given to others, including injecting them, allowing them to take drugs, or spiking drinks/food. It is an offence even if the person consents. The only exception is if the drug is administered in a licensed medically supervised injecting centre.

Drug Equipment

It is an offence to have equipment (except syringes) which you intend to use to administer drugs in the future. Evidence of past use isn’t enough. The prosecution must prove knowledge of and custody or control of equipment. it is an offence to sell, supply or display for sale a bong or ice pipe, or parts of one.


It is an offence to possess illegal or illicit drugs in NSW. To be convicted the drugs must be in the person’s custody or control (even for a short time) and they must know that it is, or likely is, a prohibited drug. ‘Custody’ means immediate physical possession, like having something in a pocket. ‘Control’ is the right to do something with it, like consuming it.

Drug Offences in NSW Relating To Supply

Supply includes selling or giving away drugs or agreeing to do so, delivering them, or offering to supply them, even if there is no intention to do so. It doesn’t matter if it is really a drug, only that a person said it was to persuade another to buy or take it. ‘Supply’ includes deemed supply, where the quantity is such that it is exceeds what is likely for personal use alone – in other words, it is a traffickable quantity. It is a defence if a person can prove it was not for supply.

The Maximum Penalties

The offence of supplying drugs on an ongoing basis requires that the person has supplied on 3 occasions within a 30-day period. It doesn’t have to be the same drug and excludes cannabis. It must be for financial or other material reward.

NSW Drug Court

The NSW Drug Court is a specialist court that provides an alternative to prison for eligible participants with substance dependencies that have committed certain crimes

Merit Program

MERIT is a program available in most Local Courts in New South Wales that provides the opportunity for adult defendants with substance abuse problems to work, on a voluntary basis, towards rehabilitation as part of the bail process.

Defendants can be identified by the Magistrate, solicitor, police or the defendants themselves as suitable for assessment for the MERIT Program. MERIT teams, based in NSW Health or non-government organisations then conduct an assessment after which the defendant may be accepted into MERIT to receive targeted substance or alcohol treatment.*

A MERIT treatment plan is developed to match the defendant’s individual needs. The Court may make the defendant’s involvement in MERIT a condition of bail.


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