Fixed Fee Offer $990 including GST

Residential Property Sale

We do not treat Conveyancing as a simple transaction, isolated from all other areas of the law. Each matter is considered serious legal work with serious legal consequences.

Standard Sale

We charge fixed fees of $990(including GST, plus disbursements) for the standard residential sale. This fee covers the entire standard process, including:

  1. Preparing the Contract for Sale
  2. Liaising with the agent in relation to the sale
  3. Taking instructions in relation to any proposed amendments to the Contract by the proposed purchaser
  4. Attending to exchange of Contracts
  5. Liaising with the outgoing mortgagee in relation to the discharge of finance and settlement
  6. Checking settlement figures and ensuring proper adjustments are made in relation to council fees, water rates and strata levies
  7. Preparing cheque directions in accordance with instructions
  8. Attending to settlement

What is a standard residential sale?

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Standard means where the property is in existence and any dwelling on it has been constructed, the title is registered and the transaction is not a non-standard conveyance (see below).

Non-standard conveyance (purchase or sale)

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Non-standard means a conveyance involving any sale or purchase:-

  1. that is subject to the subdivision and/or registration of subdivision on title; or
  2. that is an off-the-plan purchase or sale where the title is yet to be registered or construction is not complete; or
  3. that is a house and land package or home building contract; or
  4. where either party is proposing to sign any documents in relation to the purchase or sale by way of power of attorney or other instrument; or
  5. involving the executor or trustee of a will or personal legal representative; or
  6. requiring the lodgement of a transmission application; or
  7. that is a complicated conveyance as determined by us in our sole discretion.

What fees do you charge for a non-standard sale?

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We are always happy to act for clients in relation to non-standard residential sale. We may be able to offer you a fixed-fee quote. Please contact our office and discuss the matter with a member of our team.

What are the disbursements?

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These are the expenses that are incurred by us in the course of the matter. In a standard residential sale, disbursements are normally made up of the costs of obtaining the documents required to be annexed to the Contract, including the section 149 Certificate, title searches and sewer diagrams.