Redundancy Preliminary Opinion

If your employer has asserted that you have been made redundant, strict deadlines apply and you will need to move quickly and without delay, in seeking legal advice on where you stand and what your options are.We understand that you may be out of employment and access to funds might be tight, but regardless of the circumstances, we do not recommend that you commence or institute Unfair Dismissal or any other proceedings, without first obtaining a preliminary legal opinion in relation to your redundancy legal matter.Obtaining some sound legal advice on your position will assist you in getting a clear view of your surroundings and putting your legal problem into context, which will allow you to make more informed decisions.We charge a Fixed Fee of $660 for the provision of a preliminary legal opinion on your matter and will involve:

  • An initial conference for detailed instructions
  • An assessment of the relevant employment agreement, the employment policy or employment policies, legal documents, correspondence, records, notices, evidence, file notes or any other documents
  • A preliminary investigation and preliminary research into the legal context of the matter, including considering appropriate legislation and case law where necessary
  • The preparation of a letter of advice which will set out preliminary legal opinion, stipulate our findings and makes clear some of the possible options, defences or remedies that may be available.

For the fixed fee preliminary legal opinion offer, please contact one of our senior lawyers.