Legal Services

If you never ask you will never get?

We are at times, astounded, that so few

clients seek a free second opinion or a

larger number of quotations!

We understand pricing and costs in the legal market very well.

If you have a good deal then we will let you know however if we think we can do better, then you need to know. However, if you are being totally exposed for unfair charges or practices, then you must know. Law is a service and do not consider for a moment, any discomfort in shopping around.

Please arrange a time to send through your quotation for us to provide a quick estimate to you and discuss with you whether we think it is fair and where the pitfalls are. This is a no obligation service and done in complete confidence.

Please email us at and mark it to the attention of the general manager or the principal. You will speak directly to the decision-makers on pricing.

Alternatively feel free to use our new client hotline, chat or other services to discuss the same with us.

There is no obligation to use this service.