Legal Services

Property, building & construction litigation disputes law

Legal Services

Strata law and strata building & construction litigation disputes

There are times when commercial building and construction disputes and litigation are unfortunately simply unavoidable and the consequences severe.

Goldman lawyers understand the complexity of building contracts and the issues at stake for our clients.

We typically assist out clients with such legal aspects in property, building and construction law such as:

  • Drafting building contracts and related commercial agreements;
  • Structuring and taxation advice;
  • Underwriting and finance arrangements;
  • Advising and representing clients with respect to local government development requirements;
  • Identifying environmental requirements
  • Land & Environment Court litigation;
  • Building contract disputes and litigation, including multi-party liability litigation;
  • Managing the security of payments and related issues; and
  • Mediation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.

The expert strata lawyers at Goldman Lawyers understand the complexities of strata title and community title laws and regulations.

Our lawyers are also experts in building disputes and building work done within a Strata Scheme which require the skills of a building and construction expert lawyer.

  • Office of Fair Trading;
  • NCAT applications and defences;
  • Owners corporation disputes and strata laws;
  • Insurance claims and disputes;
  • Unpaid strata levies action in the Local Courts;
  • Complex disputes in the District and Supreme Courts;
  • Strata legislation generally;
  • The Strata Schemes Management Act;
  • The Strata Schemes (Freehold Development) Act;
  • Defective building works;
  • Owners corporation regulations;
  • Disputes with builders; and
  • Defective works claims from foundations, water damages to unsafe cladding works.