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A Purchase of A Multi-Million Dollar Yacht?

Is a Purchase of a Multi-Million

Dollar International Business!

Our experience -from the Caribbean to the

Isle of Man as well onshore Australia!


  • "Private jet owners touch down in the Isle of Man and avoid millions in sales taxes
  • U.K. outpost in the Irish Sea has registered roughly 1,000 aircraft since it started in 2007
  • Registered luxury yachts for *** royal family and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

Our Senior Lawyers have many years of experience in marine vessel purchase and sale transactions and we work to protect our clients from potential issues surrounding such an acquisition.

Our lawyers assist our clients in yacht acquisition, contract agreement, registration and so on, from the first stage until the last moment in which the vessel reaches the new port.

Vessel purchase and sale

  • Vessel purchase and sale
  • Assisting legal due diligence
  • Assisting maritime surveyors
  • Escrow services assistance
  • Assistance with flagging
  • Yacht registration and change of ownership
  • working with maritime insurers
  • tax advice

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