We act for many clients who are based outside Australia.

We are able to communicate with you through email, video conference and telephone to ensure that you are kept informed and able to properly participate in your family law case.

Where your case involves an international aspect, there are often complicating factors which require specialist family lawyers with experience of international matters. We have that experience, together with close links with numerous law firms throughout the world.

  • Providing advice to determine which is the most appropriate and beneficial country in which to conduct the case where there are assets in more than one country;
  • Property settlements involving assets and income in various countries, including a range of pension schemes and employment incentive schemes;
  • Hague Convention applications for the return of children to Australia;
  • Child support issues including enforcing payment from overseas parents and child support agreements;
  • Parenting arrangements where parents live in different countries, often with significantly different cultural issues.

International Divorce Lawyers

Early advice is essential to ensure that the most suitable jurisdiction is secured for a client.

In cases where we are unable to help you we will be able to put you in contact with a lawyer overseas. Sometimes it is important to compare the different jurisdictions and the different possible outcomes for you. In those circumstances we often take part in three way conference calls to help you decide which is the best country for you.

In such cases, assuming that the grounds to proceed exist in both countries, the case will be heard in the first court in which proceedings are issued. This can have a dramatic impact upon the eventual financial settlement so timing is of the utmost importance.

Finances & Asset Protection

Our International team has an excellent track record in cases that involve assets located worldwide, including complex offshore trusts and companies. We can make swift applications to the court for worldwide asset protection in relevant cases.