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How we prefer to work!

Unfortunately, the scarcest resource that is available to all of us, whether lawyers or in any capacity, is time.

Therefore, we respect the clients time and request all clients to respect our time.

Our lawyers account for their activities on a time basis and are judged on productive time on client matters.

Clients will only want to pay us for productive time and not for general discussions which do not progress their matter.

So, we prefer to work extremely quickly and effectively with a minimal focus on useless meetings, face-to-face interactions or documents not sent by electronic appropriate formats.

The most scarce resource...

Legal Services

Naturally, we are free to meet all clients in person but only do so when it is effective and required. This saves money for our clients and enhances our culture of simply getting on with it.

We like to schedule meetings and 15 to 30-minute blocks so that means we minimise the small talk and get straight into the core of the issue.

We prefer to telephone conferences as opposed to video calls because we find video calls intrusive unless they are prearranged and serve a particular purpose.

We prefer clients to use our electronic secure portal to upload documents rather than sending long trails of emails and we prefer clients to sender’s documents in a PDF format.

Clients can execute scan and send us many documents including evidence such as photographs all via programs such as Adobe scan which you can download from the link below. We prefer PDFs in this format.Adobe Scan scanner app

We have spent many years developing a culture that aligns itself with electronic platforms. The two must go hand-in-hand because if our senior lawyers other team members are not comfortable with electronic platforms they will not be used.

Whilst electronic platforms are not new having a business designed from the ground up that is paperless - almost - and to achieve the same in a law firm is remarkable some would say.

We utilise our scarcest resource effectively over 24-hour blocks seven days a week.

Typically, we find it most convenient to discuss matters with clients in the evenings. If we are engaging in a serious workshop or litigation strategy and this may also be conducted on the weekends. We are not restricted to 9-to-5 Monday to Friday.

Quite often we have remarks from opposing lawyers that it is un Australian to work over the Christmas and New Year break - or un Australian to work on long weekends and after hours. We are driven by our client’s needs and requirements and have no such barriers limiting our minds. Welcome to the current century and welcome to law redefined - reimagined and redelivered - game over!

On the contrary, we think it's un-Australian to not break barriers and not be a maverick.

We are simply lawyers. Not psychologists nor legislators. Whilst the law can be a very useful tool for reform, reform is a slow expensive process. Clients need to be realistic about the outcomes that they may seek and the costs associated with the processes.

We will always seek to provide the most cost-effective outcome which may not be the best emotional outcome that the client has predetermined is the outcome they desire.

We strive to fight for justice – sometimes justice takes enormous blood sweat and tears – we pick our fights and pick our clients.