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Lawyers are running at times complex expensive business structures providing advice to clients in uncertain business environments where clients seek justice? Clients inevitably go to a lawyer to right a wrong and inevitably discover that the process of justice is extremely expensive and may not provide the outcome that they have sought.

Below are some tables from the annual report of the New South Wales Law Society (2017) and it is remarkable that personal conduct issues form the majority and bulk of the complaints.

Legal Services

The Annual Report says “Complaints categorised as “personal conduct” (for example, unethical conduct, misleading behaviour, borrowing from client and negligence), continue to comprise the majority of complaints made against solicitors, making up 284 of the 600 complaints (47.3%) opened in the 2016-2017 year.

Legal Services

Our firm may not be the perfect fit for all clients just like all clients may not fit in with our strategies expertise and models. However, the critical aspect for us is to be able to communicate with the client and if a communication rapport all is well established, then the chances of an unsuccessful or unhappy outcome are greatly diminished, our motto that our best clients work closely with us rings true in our experience.

Therefore, we encourage you to discuss openly all matters with us and if you don’t understand something to ask us. It is then up to you to say what you want and say what you don’t want in terms of legal services. Client should not simply hand over a matter and refuse to deal with it. In many cases, that is giving lawyers an open cheque-book and a recipe for disaster.

However, no lawyer likes a constantly nagging client that sends useless information and overload of data and facts to the lawyer. We as lawyers have to read and analyse everything that is sent and this in greatly increases the costs of the matter. You need to ask your lawyer what documents he needs. You need to provide a chronology. You need to provide lists and other material that your lawyer requests promptly. These are some suggestions and depending on your matter you need to discuss the process with your law firm and understand what it is that they have to do and what it is that you require them to do.