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The truly global law firm is a myth?

In order to maintain independence and flexibility, global networks in law firms have been problematic. In reality, there are very few global firms despite the claims of many of the large practices. Even within a large law practice inside a country each partner runs their own fiefdom which can be and typically is three staff to one partner. The staff of one partner will fight viciously for fees from the other partner(s).

However, having some of your own offices overseas intermingled with alliances provides the best of all worlds for our clients who are typically high net worth individuals and family offices. We need to maintain confidentiality and discretion and this cannot be achieved through large global networks where information is shared openly across borders.

Our solution is a network of our own offices and global alliances built on top of this

Goldman lawyers works Australia wide with its own offices and in some cases affiliated entities law firms in regional areas.

Globally, we are part of global legal group with representation in Dubai (UAE), London, BVI and Thailand. We also have affiliated offices in Isle of Man and parts of the USA. Our global network outside our own affiliated offices and network involves alliances with major firms specialising in high net worth clients and family offices globally. Our strength lies in common law jurisdictions as well as offshore financial centres combined with the complexity of onshore legal systems in places such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

We are unique
in onshore and offshore tax and finance

Legal Services

Our unique international legal expertise stems from a thorough understanding of offshore financial centres and tax havens and how these interact with the most complex of domestic and double tax treaty network of onshore jurisdictions. We combined the best of onshore and offshore and can be lead advisor for high net worth clients and family offices for international transactions and structures.