Yes! We will submit applications and act for
legally aided clients on a selective basis!

We take on only selected matters, where there is genuine hardship or
difficulty and provide our Premium Law world's best standards for these clients.

Legal Aid (Sydney metropolitan area preferred)

Criminal & family law panels (NSW) only.

Legal Services
Legal Services

Yes – we will listen
to all reasonable offers!

Selected genuine cases of merit or hardship- its about justice after all!

You never know unless you ask!

Yes we will also
see you in person for "free"

We don't charge for the initial review - however
we prefer that you call us for a phone or video conference first.

We are able to help more people in need this way

Legal Services
Legal Services

Yes- we will
consider "Pro Bono"

Selected and limited cases

Tell us why we should do this and convince us of the need for justice

Make a video/conference call
appointment to have a free first

consult with a Senior Lawyer

Very few lawyers and law firms do this- call a senior lawyer directly!

Legal Services
Legal Services

Speak to a Senior Lawyer- directly
Free first consultation

An industry first!

Sometimes there is a queue because of demand –
but make a firm time instead and we will call you

Chat or Email a lawyer!

We guarantee to respond to all genuine enquiries!

Legal Services
Legal Services

Download our free cheat sheets!

Law made simple- we give away what others charge for

We cover more and more topics each week

We give away the secrets!

Goldman Easy Guides

Watch our free video tutorials and guides

From what happens in Court and everything else of interest in the law

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Legal Services