Fixed Fee Offer Standard Divorce Application

Fixed Fee Offer Standard Divorce Application

We charge a fixed fee of $750 (including GST) plus disbursements for a standard Divorce,which covers the entire standard process including:

  1. Initial consultation with you for specific instructions and completing the application.
  2. Organizing filing and service of the application with the Family Court of Australia
  3. Attending upon service of the application upon your partner
  4. Correspondence on your behalf with your partner
  5. Service of Divorce Order upon you and your partner, when received from the Court

What Is A Standard Divorce ?

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A Standard Divorce means:

A Standard Application for Divorce, which is made by consent and in relation to which your spouse who is resident in Australia does not object and the Court accepts the grounds of Divorce (which, depending on the circumstances, usually, but not always, occurs).

What is A Non-standard Divorce

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Non-standard Divorce means any Divorce:

  • i. where you and your spouse have not mutually agreed that they wish to be divorced; and/or
  • ii. matter in respect of which proper arrangements have not been made in relation to any child or children of the marriage; and/or
  • iii. matter in respect of which you are requiring specific legal advice in relation to children’s matters or property settlement matters; and/or
  • iv. in respect of which you have separated, but are living under one roof; and/or
  • v. where we experience Jurisdictional difficulties, such as, for example, the fact that your spouse is overseas or outside of Australia or the address or location of which within Australia is not readily identifiable; and/or
  • vi. where the other party refuses to sign the Application; and/or
  • vii. where the other party denies that he or she received the Application; and/or
  • viii. where the duration of the marriage is less than two (2) years; and/or
  • ix. that is a complicated Divorce, as determined by us in our sole unfettered discretion.

What fees do you charge for a non-standard Divorce ?

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We are always happy to act for clients in relation to non-standard Divorce matters. We will usually be able to offer you a fixed-fee quote in relation to non-standard Divorce Applications.

Please contact us and discuss the matter with one of our Senior Family Lawyers.


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Expenses that are incurred by us in the course of the matter.

  • i. In a standard Divorce matter, disbursements normally include, amongst other things, payments made to third parties, for documents or services such as process service (the cost of having a licensed process server serve any Divorce Application).
  • ii. A Court filing Fee in respect of your Divorce Application, which is $ 800.00 as at the date this document was created (and of course is subject to change).
  • iii. Postage or for photocopying and printing.