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The world of media and entertainment has always been global in its outlook.

Understanding how best to structure the ownership and licensing of your intellectual property, brand or personality from a local or an international perspective is, therefore, essential in today’s market.

We can advise you how best to structure your licensing or distribution arrangements in different regions so as to maximise income from your assets.

  • Acquisition and ownership holding structures
  • Funds for the purposes of investing in media/film/TV ventures including film/media funds
  • Joint ventures both with respect to investment in the media industry and between media entities, the media and technology companies
  • Intellectual Property
  • Intellectual property holding structures
  • Licensing of intellectual property including with respect to brands and brand merchandising, sponsorship deals, naming rights, merchandising, multimedia and gaming products

Our experience goes from Hollywood blockbusters to Indie productions and film funds including all aspects of taxation, finance, global withholding taxes, gross participation waterfalls and presales work.

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