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What is Premium Family Law?

Deal only with senior lawyers,

experienced to obtain the best commercial and

family outcomes for you - not just exploit your emotions!

You deserve Premium Law - stress free- expert advice. Lawyers who genuinely care about your situation!

You deserve Premium Law -
stress free- expert advice.
Lawyers who genuinely care about your situation!

Mediocre family law services are shown the exit door!

Compare – our strategy and pricing - obligation free

Legal Services

Our lawyers have an immense amount of experience in family law court proceedings and in resolving disputes outside of court.

Some of our senior lawyers have worked for over 30 years in family law and have been some of the leading practitioners in family law in New South Wales in Australia.

We also facilitate and encourage online work and after hours conference calls and meetings to fit in with your work or parenting lifestyle.

Our flexible rates – fixed fees and special help for those in need whether it’s instalment payments, legal aid or selected pro bono work.

Many of our senior lawyers have been through family law situations personally and know exactly how you feel and how you wish to be treated.

We are not a suburban law firm that does family law because it’s easy – we are experts that cover all matters Australia wide and, in some cases, international family law matters. We are also experts in financial matters and can deal with complex trusts, complex business arrangements and offshore.

We regularly assist clients with:

  • Preparing and interpreting parenting plans;
  • Preparing and finalising consent orders dealing with parenting and/or property matters;
  • an hourly rate with a ceiling on the maximum amount
  • Preparation and review and finalising binding financial agreements (at any stage of a relationship) and child support agreements.
  • Location and recovery order proceedings.
  • Round table mediation.
  • Legal questions relating to de facto and same-sex relationships.
  • Divorce applications- pre nups and post nups.
  • Representation for enforcement issues/family law court order contravention proceedings.
  • Child passport issues, Airport Watch List and Hague Convention matters (concerning when a child is taken overseas)
  • Applying for/responding to family violence intervention orders in court.
  • Prenup’s and post ups including all aspects of binding financial agreements.
  • Asset protection following separation is another one of our expert areas.

It is important that you have a rapport with the law firm and are comfortable with the law firm’s approach. This also means not only in the context of pricing and how the firm works but also with the person who will be dealing with your particular matter.

In our experience, many clients do not shop around and are simply too glad to give the work to the first family law firm that returns their calls. We encourage you to speak to us even if you have sought to engage another lawyer or if you are unhappy with the services you are receiving. We have taken on many matters from other lawyers. Some situations other lawyers simply could not deal with.

It may be not because we are technically better, but it’s most likely because of the approach we use which is passionate – and - we seek to make a difference in everything we do.