Employment Agreement Preparation Fixed Fee Offer

Employment Agreement Preparation Fixed Fee Offer

Fixed fee of $750 (plus GST) plus disbursements to prepare a standard Employment Agreement,which covers the entire standard process including:

  1. Initial consultation with you;
  2. o Taking instructions from you;

    o The terms of any proposed Employment Agreement

  3. Drafting the proposed Employment Agreement
  4. Providing any preliminary written legal advice
  5. Further instructions from you in relation to our preliminary legal opinion
  6. Settling final form of Employment Agreement,
  7. Assuming that there are no negotiations of the Agreement requested by your Employee or your Employee’s Solicitor, then attending upon you for your execution of the Employment Agreement
  8. Forwarding the executed Employment Agreement to your Employee or the Employee’s Solicitor

What is the Standard Employment Agreement?

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A Standard Employment Agreement is an employment prepared by us and as amended by us in accordance with legal advice that we have provided to you or your instructions in relation to the standard Employment Agreement.

What is the Tailored Employment Agreement?

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A non-standard or tailored employment agreement includes:-

  1. Preparation of any tailor made or custom-made employment agreement that you require our firm to draft, based on your specific instructions.
  2. An employment agreement that requires specific legal advice outside of or over and above the standard employment agreement prepared by Goldman and amended by Goldman based on our advice or your instructions in relation to the standard employment agreement.
  3. An Employment Agreement that is more complex, for an executive or complicated generally and not a standard employment agreement, as determined by us in our sole discretion.

Fes For a Tailored Employment Agreement ?

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We are always happy to act for clients in preparing a be-spoke or tailored employment agreement. We will usually be able to offer you a fixed-fee quote in relation to the preparation of such agreements.

Please contact us and discuss the matter with one of our lawyers.

What are disbursements?

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Disbursements are the expenses that are incurred by us in the course of the matter. In a matter where we are preparing an employment agreement, disbursements normally include, amongst other things, payments made to third parties, for documents or services such as title searches, Company Searches and PPSR searches, photocopying or courier fees.