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From the financial centre in the

Caribbean islands to the city

The future of law was developed! Game over

With other Australian colleagues, we first established our respective law firms with a concept inspired and first fashioned in the British Virgin Islands in 2007. Working in Road Town, Tortola, (the main island in the B.V.I.), with the world's largest offshore law firm. at the time, in a "global top ten" financial centre, undertaking complex legal and financial transactions, which were valued at billions of dollars at the height of the pre GFC era (as it become known), we felt that there was a better way to engage in legal practice.

We endured a formal working environment of a large, old fashioned global law firm. with wood panelled board room, while our backdrop was a tropical sea dotted with charter boats and beach restaurants, so something just didn't feel right either for us or the clients.

The demise of the wood
panelled office and of time costing

Bermuda shorts, pirates and rum!

Legal Services